Screw presses

Screw presses for dewatering sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants and industrial processes. The screw presses are offered in different sizes and capacities to suit a wide range of applications.

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Screw conveyors

Robust, energy-efficient, and customized screw conveyors effectively move materials such as chips, sludge, pulp, sand, and ash both horizontally and vertically.

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Transport screws

Customer-unique transportation screws with outstanding wear resistance in a variety of dimensions and materials. The screws are offered both for new projects and as spare parts for existing plants.

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Screw segments

Screw segments are used to build spirals for all kinds of transportation, pressing, dosing, etc. Segments provide many options when it comes to material, dimensions and finished design of the screw.

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Specialists in dewatering and transportation

With many years of experience in screw and spiral production, Autofric develops products for highly efficient dewatering of sludge and residues from, e.g., wastewater treatment plants and industrial processes.

We also carry out qualified contract manufacturing, from conception and design to the production of customer-specific solutions.

About Autofric

Our products fit almost everywhere - the only limit is your imagination!

Our products are used in businesses with high demands on efficient handling of, e.g., sludge and bulk goods. Ingenious design with unlimited possibilities for customization makes our products applicable in a wide range of industries.

Sludge separators for wastewater treatment plants

With a strong focus on sustainability and the environment, Autofric offers a range of high-quality screw presses for efficient dewatering of sewage sludge or industrial residues.

Flue gas cleaning of fuel boilers

During flue gas cleaning, ash is formed as a residual product. Autofric's screw conveyors are excellent for transporting the ash away from the filtration to its intended location.

Transportation of metal shavings

Cooling or heating. Long or short spiral. We can solve most difficult situations, such as transporting incandescent shells with a temperature of about 1000 degrees 17 meters to a container.

Acid management in electropolishing

We also make some solutions other than spirals and screw presses. For example, we have produced an acid-resistant tank for electropolishing in our subcontracting department.

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We see ourselves as problem solvers and have plenty of examples of how we have solved customers' problems.

For our applications

Contract manufacturing throughout the production chain

With expertise and almost 40 years of experience as a subcontractor, we take a firm grip on the entire production chain, from idea and design to finished product.

Our modern and well-dimensioned machine park offers complete lines for laser and waterjet cutting and welding, edge pressing, roll bending, and assembly.

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Thank you to everyone who visited our stand at IFAT 2024!

We are back in Sweden after a fantastic week in München at IFAT 2024!

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We are ISO 14001 certified

Our ISO certification is proof that our environmental work is carried out and documented according to the ISO 14001 standard. It is important not only for us, but also for our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

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It all started in 1984

In 1984, Jan Åslund and his partner at the time bought an old gas station in Råda. The initial idea was to use the station as a workshop for hobby projects. Instead, it was the start of the thriving business that Autofric is today.

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