Autofric ASP is a premium quality screw press for dewatering of sludge.

The ASP integrates a high performance conical screw, split design sieve basket and multiple dewatering zones. The slow rotation gives a cost efficient, quiet and vibration free operation with a minimum of maintenance and wear.

Autofric ASP advantages in short

  • All materials in stainless steel, 304 or 316L.
  • Large dewatering surface enables thickening and dewatering in one machine.
  • Fully automatic, self-cleaning screw press, for continuous sludge dewatering.
  • Quiet, vibration free operation due to low rpm.
  • Low energy consumption that are optimized with VFD operation, and low water consumption.
  • Solid double box design allows for high torques and high DS content.
  • The slow rotating screw demands a minimum of maintenance, and wear are kept low.
  • Screen basket in a split design for easy maintenance and service.
  • Fully enclosed design, gives a safe and hygienic work environment.
  • Designed and produced in Sweden.

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