Custom manufacturing

Autofric is a full-service custom manufacturer with expertise and resources for virtually any type of machining. We specialize in machinery and equipment for water and wastewater treatment but can, with modern machinery and complete production lines for welding, cutting, edging, folding, roller-bending and shearing, serve most industrial sectors.

Individual elements or the entire chain

As an Autofric customer, you decide the extent of our involvement. We offer everything from simple machining to more advanced mechanical engineering, where we are given the chance to utilize all of our production expertise.


We have extensive experience in welding stainless steel, with a specialization in TIG welding of thin materials with high demands on surface finish. In cooperation with qualified partners, we can also offer electro-polishing.
Our expertise and advanced equipment also enable us to offer other welding methods.
Many of our employees have welding certificates in accordance with EN 287-1

Sheet-metal working

We have modern machinery with CNC machines for sheet-metal working. We also have machines developed in-house for the production of spirals for presses and screw conveyors.

  • Cutting 
In collaboration with local partners, we can quickly develop components that require laser, water or plasma cutting.
  • Edging/Folding 
We have two CNC edging presses that can handle most materials and dimensions.
  • Maximum folding length: 4000 mm. 
Maximum pressing force: 220 metric tons.
  • Roller-bending
 We can bend sheet metal of widths up to 3000 mm.
  • Shearing
 Our sheet metal plate shears can handle dimensions of up to 3000 x 10 mm.


We offer simpler machining in-house, such as welding, drilling and threading. In collaboration with local companies, we also manufacture products that require more advanced machining.


We can help with everything from assembly of simple components to complete machine systems.
Our extensive experience enables us to meet the varying needs of our customers. We are often involved in the entire process, from the development phase to the production-friendly product. In our own workshop, we can also test drive complete machine systems.

We are contract manufacturer in machinery and equipment for water and wasterwater treatment plants

Nearly 30 years of experience in water and wastewater treatment plants gives us unique opportunities to develop and produce machines and equipment such as conveyors, presses, tanks and containers in various formats.