At Autofric, we want to take care of everything. With expertise and over 30 years of experience as a contract manufacturer, we take a firm grip on the entire production chain, from concept and design to the finished product. In a modern and well-dimensioned machine park, complete lines are offered under a single roof for laser cutting and water cutting, but also for welding, bending, roller bending and assembly.

We are happy to participate as a sounding board and problem solver in the project’s start-up phase and we can help to find solutions that streamline production and optimize production costs.

In production, it is the customer’s requirements that governs all decisions. We bring everything that is required for the development and manufacture of prototypes, particularly qualified contract manufacturing of machine parts and advanced details for various industrial purposes.

With efficiency and flexibility throughout the flow, first-class quality is ensured, but also the delivery precision you as a customer have the right to expect.

We have customers in most industrial sectors. We are specialists in machinery and equipment for water and wastewater treatment, but we can service most industrial sectors with expertise and modern machinery.

Laser cutting




Bending and roller bending

Water cutting