Autofric considers it an advantage to get involved in projects early. We like to work closely with our customers and, through our experience and understanding of the end product's function, we can contribute to the design work, from the initial concept to the finished product. The goal is obvious. We want to develop products that really work and that, through their design contribute, to the best possible production economics.

We work quickly and efficiently in modern CAD equipment with software such as Solid Works, Inventor, IGEMS and AutoCad.

3D-design can be used for preparation in our CNC-controlled machines. The customer's drawings are used as a basis for manufacturing in our laser and water cutting lines and for calculating the correct K-factor for edging.

Participation in the design work also allows us to make production adjustments that reduce the manufacturing costs and optimize the production costs.

Software for design

  • Solid Works.
  • Inventor
  • AutoCad