Quality & environment

We are constantly implementing improvements and work to ensure our business system meets the requirements of SS-ISO 9001:2000 (quality), SS-ISO 14001:2004 (environment) and AFS 2001:1 (working environment).

Quality Policy

Autofric will supply solutions that provide the greatest possible benefit to our customers.

We will do this by:

  • Always putting the customer in focus and adapting our products and services to the customer’s needs
  • Suggesting solutions that are most beneficial to the customer with respect to the entire service life of the equipment 
  • Supplying equipment with high reliability and low operating and maintenance costs 
  • Sustaining transparent and uncomplicated working relationships with customers, suppliers and other partners 
  • Maintaining an orderly, safe and pleasant working environment at our workplace 
  • Fulfilling our commitments, on time and with a high level of quality 
  • Ensuring that everyone in the company is aware that their decisions and actions affect the quality of our work and the services we provide.

Environmental Policy

Autofric aims to minimize its own impact on the environment and adapt our business activities to ensure sustainable use of our natural resources.

Applicable environmental legislation and governmental requirements and stipulations concerning the environment will be complied with.

Our environmental management will include measures to prevent environmental contamination and to continuously implement improvements in our activities with respect to the environment