Furnace scale handling - Götvalsverket Uddeholm

17 metre long screw conveyor for furnace scale


Uddeholms AB in Hagfors is a global leader in tool steel production.

Rolled bar iron is produced in the rolling mill. The castings are heated to over 1000°C before they are transported on a roller conveyor to the roller itself.

During transport, mill scale falls from the casting down under the roller conveyor. One problem they were having was that the vibrating chute transporting the scale required extensive and costly maintenance and caused disruptions in production.


The solution was a 17-meter long screw conveyor placed under the roller conveyor. The scale now falls down into a metal container that can be easily emptied as needed. The construction required special solutions due to the extreme heat and space restrictions.

The benefits to the mill were reliable production and a dramatic reduction in maintenance costs.