At Autofric, we like to take a holistic approach to the entire value chain. The final link in the chain is often the assembly department, where competent fitters with extensive experience in mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, and electronics offer the assembly of standard and special machines according to the customer's wishes.

In our well-equipped assembly hall, we assemble machines and parts into finished end products. We assemble everything from small machines weighing a few kilos to machines weighing several tons. For heavier assemblies, we use one of our two overhead cranes with the capacity to lift up to 5 tons each.

All products that pass through our production process undergo rigorous testing with test protocols and full documentation.

Assembly work also includes packaging and distribution.

There are many examples of assembly:

  • Tanks with agitators and valves. Everything from small containers up to tanks with a volume of 25 m³.
  • Conveyors with drives. Spiral, trough, and gearboxes. Pneumatically and electrically controlled inlets and outlets with hatches and hoppers
  • Screw presses assembly of gearboxes, bearing housings, and valves for controls
  • Assembly of machine elements such as bearings, seals, bolted joints, and drives with different types of gearboxes and motors