Autofric designs and manufactures spiral conveyors, screw conveyors, and spirals in-house. Our products are customized to meet individual requirements of each customer, and are used for conveying bulk goods in a number of industries including bioenergy, steel, recycling, paper, food, plastic, and in slaughterhouses  treatment plants.

Screw conveyors

Autofric’s spiral and screw conveyors are robust, reliable and often more cost-effective than belt, pneumatic, chain and other types of conveyors.

Spiral and screw conveyors are ideal for conveying just about any type of material – from large materials to powder and granules, and from dry to semi-liquid forms.




We also offer in-house-manufactured shaftless and shafted spirals in stainless steel or painted carbon steel. The spirals can be used for new projects or as spare parts for existing installations.

To enable us to offer spirals in different dimensions and materials, we have developed our own custom machines to optimize production.