It started at a gas station in Råda

Our business has its history. Almost 40 years have passed since Jan Åslund, together with his partners at the time, bought an old, dilapidated gas station in Råda outside Hagfors in Värmland. The initial idea was to use the station for various hobby projects. Pretty soon, however, the premises began to be used for welding and simple repairs for local clients.

Machinery for the water industry

A few years later, Krister Axelsson joined us and, with his practical experience from building cars and motorcycles, manufactured the first machines for sewage treatment plants. Together with the end customer, prototypes were developed that were so successful that they can be considered the beginning of the business we see today.

In the early 1990s, a decision was made to include screws in the supply of wastewater treatment plant presses. However, there were no machines on the market, which led Autofric to design and build its own. The development of a working machine took six long years. However, the end result was successful, and the machines are still used today.

Strong growth in new premises

With its own machines, the business grew rapidly, and the converted gas station soon became too small. In 2003, the company passed its limit and moved to its current premises in Hagfors.

Growth has since continued, and in 2008, Autofric was awarded Dagens Industri's Gasellen growth prize.

To accommodate the expansion of recent years, the premises have been gradually modernized and expanded. The first phase was completed in 2011 with 800 new square meters of production space. The second phase was completed in 2020 when the workshop areas were again expanded, and the facility was supplemented with a new storage area. A new nitrogen gas plant was also installed in the same year.

Customer requirements make it necessary to invest

To meet new customer requirements, our processes and machinery have been gradually renewed.

In 2014, investment was made in a new CNC press brake. Two years later, the cutting capacity was supplemented with a new waterjet cutting facility. Our latest machine investment - a complete line for laser cutting - was completed in the fall of 2019.

To further strengthen our offer, the business was expanded in 2018 with its own design department.

The step towards own products

In 2021, the business took a partly new direction with the introduction of screw presses to the range.

Autofric thus takes a clear step from a pure subcontractor to a producer of its own products. We are now a recognized supplier of machines and equipment for highly efficient dewatering of sludge and residual products from, for example, sewage treatment plants and industrial processes.