Contract manufacturing

At Autofric, we like to look at the whole picture. With competence and over 30 years of experience as a subcontractor, we take a firm grip on the entire production chain, from idea and design to finished product. In a modern and well-dimensioned machine park, we offer, under one roof, complete lines for laser cutting and water cutting, but also for welding, edge pressing, roll bending, and assembly.

We are happy to participate as a sounding board and problem solver at the start of the project and find solutions that streamline manufacturing and optimize the production economy.

In production, it is the customer's needs that govern. We meet the requirements for the development and manufacture of prototypes, but above all, with qualified subcontracting of machine parts and advanced details for various industrial purposes.

Efficiency and flexibility throughout the flow ensure first-class quality but also the delivery precision you, as a customer, have the right to expect.

Our customers are found in most industrial segments. We specialize in machinery and equipment for water and wastewater treatment, but with our expertise and modern machinery, we can serve most industrial sectors.


At Autofric, we see it as an advantage to get involved early in the projects and to be an active partner in the important design work.

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Laser cutting

Advanced equipment offers cost-effective laser cutting of sheet metal parts with very tight tolerance requirements.

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Water cutting

Waterjet cutting involves using high pressure to push a concentrated jet of water through various materials. Autofric has the machines and knowledge required.

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Edge pressing/roll bending

Autofric has what it takes for efficient sheet metal processing. We offer complete resources for edge pressing, roll bending, and shearing.

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Autofric has extensive experience and proven expertise in MIG/MAG and TIG welding in most materials.

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Competent fitters with extensive experience in mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, and electronics offer customized assembly.

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