Laser cutting


For laser cutting, we use laser beams to work on materials such as black steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass. By controlling the temperature, the length and the beam’s intensity, the machining is adapted to the desired cuts. Autofric's new fibre laser, Amada LCG3015, provides cost-effective laser cutting of sheet metal parts with very strict tolerance requirements.

Laser cutting
means using heat from high-intensity laser beams to work the surface of the material so that it melts or evaporates completely. The beam penetrates the material at one point. The material is then machined by moving the cutting head or workpiece at a steady speed.

Laser cutting offers many benefits.

  • High precision

Laser technology allows us to obtain a level of precision that is not possible with any other method. Laser cutting produces straight and shiny cuts with high dimensional accuracy and meets stringent requirements in terms of quality and narrow tolerances.

  • Efficiency

We offer a highly efficient process, from the customer's drawing to finished details. The setting is configured directly in the machine and the work is performed quickly and efficiently.

  • Good production costs

The machine's high precision and thin cuts mean that the details can be cut close to each other. Material waste is minimized, which reduces manufacturing costs.

Laser technology offers great opportunities in terms of design, capacity and choice of material. We offer laser machining of sheet metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass.

As part of our work with sustainability and environmental issues, we have invested in our own plant for nitrogen gas production.

Nitrogen gas is mainly used when cutting stainless steel material. having our own gas supply means that CO2 emissions are reduced by about 50%. At the same time, we reduce our transport costs, since everything is produced in-house.

Technical data


Max. sheet metal format:

3000 x 1500 mm

Max. sheet metal thickness: 

Carbon steel (16 mm)
Stainless steel (10 mm)
Aluminium (8 mm)
Copper (4 mm)
Brass (5 mm)

File format, import of drawing details for our laser cutter.

dxf, dwg, sat, stp, step, eps etc.