Edge pressing

Autofric has what it takes for efficient sheet metal processing. A modern machine park with CNC-controlled sheet metal processing machines offers complete resources for edge pressing, roll bending, and cutting.

Edge pressing

Edge pressing is a crucial step in the production of sheet metal parts. It ensures that specific requirements are met and that the parts reach the desired tolerances.

Autofric forms sheet metal in two CNC-controlled press brakes. The newest machine - the AMADA HFE 220 - has electric plate followers for handling bulky and heavy parts.

Edge pressing is carried out with high bending quality along the entire length. Processing is fast and efficient, from drawing to finished parts. Lead times are minimized as all settings are made directly in the machine.

Good production economy is guaranteed by high machine precision and a control system with quick and easy programming.

Technical data - Edge pressing

  • Max. pressing force 220 tons
  • Max. bending length 4000 mm

Roller bending

Roll bending is carried out to give the sheet a rounded shape. The sheet passes through the machine's rollers and is bent into a cylindrical shape. By adjusting the position of the rollers, it is possible to determine the radius of the sheet once it has passed through the roll-bending machine.

The Autofric has what it takes for modern roll bending and easily bends sheet metal with widths up to 3,000 mm.

Technical data - Roll bending

  • Max width up to 3000 mm


Our sheet metal shears cut and handle sheet metal of dimensions up to 3,000 x 10 mm.

Technical data - Cutting

  • Our sheet metal shears can handle dimensions up to 3000 x 10 mm