Food preparation

In the food industry, Autofric screw presses can be found in both food preparation and waste handling. Our screw conveyors are a common feature for efficient handling of both inputs and waste.

Screw presses for efficient dewatering

Autofric screw presses are excellent dewatering options in both food preparation and waste management.

The Autofric ADP screw press has delivered good results in, e.g., the dewatering of seaweed but also in the preparation of onions before roasting. Other examples are the dewatering of chicken feathers and pig bristles in the slaughterhouse industry. The applications are countless.

Do you have a product you need to dewater? Contact us and we will help you.

Screw conveyors for rational material handling

We also offer customized screw conveyors for efficient movement and handling of materials. Reliable, durable, and high-performance total solutions that can handle vertical, inclined, and horizontal transportation.

The examples are many. Autofric has supplied screw conveyors for the transportation of powder, sugar, grain, salt, and flour but also for residual products from slaughterhouses and the fishing industry.