Operational policy

Autofric's policy is to work actively for sustainable business development where commitments to quality, environment, and resource management are fundamental principles.

Our activities consist of:

  • To manufacture products of a quality that meets the specified wishes and requirements of the customer at a competitive cost and with the least possible environmental impact. The requirements must be clarified in contracts, technical regulations, or other technical documentation for the product.
  • To deliver products on time and in the right way with as little environmental impact as possible where we can influence transport.
  • Each employee always strives to improve the quality of their own work performance, which has a synergistic effect on our environmental performance.
  • Always and at all times comply with applicable laws and other requirements related to our business.
  • To prevent and gradually reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

     To conduct active systematic work environment management to create a physically, mentally, socially healthy, and developing workplace for our employees, where risks of occupational injuries and work-related ill health are identified, prevented, and followed up.
  • To be responsive to changes and reactions in the world around us and to be constantly ready to improve the way we work.

Management is ultimately responsible for upholding the policy and supporting initiatives to achieve goals and improve operations.

In addition, management shall

  • provide the relevant staff with accurate information to enable them to perform their duties in accordance with the objectives set.
  • Promote good cooperation between employees, subcontractors, customers, and other stakeholders to ensure that the business meets its requirements.