Specialists in dewatering and transportation

Autofric develops and manufactures products for highly efficient dewatering of sludge and residues from, e.g., wastewater treatment plants and industrial processes. The range also includes spiral and screw conveyors for efficient bulk handling for customers all over the world. We are also a reputable subcontractor of, among other things, machines and equipment for water and wastewater treatment.

Three stable legs

Autofric's business rests on three solid pillars. Unique expertise in screw production, machine design, and application areas enables us to develop products tailored to our customers' requirements.

We are happy to participate in the initial conceptual and design work and then follow the project from start to finish.

Highly efficient dewatering of sludge and residues

A growing range of dewatering products is being developed and produced with a strong focus on sustainability and the environment.

The basis is a series of screw presses for highly efficient dewatering of sewage sludge or industrial residues. We also offer sludge screens, products that coarse screen sludge and separate larger objects such as plastics, rags, and other items that can cause problems in the subsequent sludge treatment.

Spirals and screw conveyors

Since 1988 we have designed and manufactured screw conveyors and spirals for applications in, e.g., bioenergy, steel industry, sawmills, recycling, paper industry, plastic industry, food industry and slaughterhouses.

With in-house design, high manufacturing competence, and our own specially developed machines, we can - under one roof - offer cost-effective and reliable products optimized for each individual user.

Competent subcontractor

Industrial experience, competent technicians, and a modern machine park also make Autofric a sought-after subcontractor. In our own purpose-built premises, we carry out everything from simple machining to complex machine construction. Work in stainless steel materials is one of our absolute specialties.

We have complete lines for laser cutting, waterjet cutting, welding, edge pressing, roll bending, and assembly. Together with local partners, complementary machining is also carried out.

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