Industrial processes

The industry's need for dewatering is constantly increasing both in instructional processes and in the handling of residual products. Autofric's screw presses are, therefore, well-received on the market. The same applies to screw conveyors, which make a decisive contribution to rational and cost-effective material handling.

Screw presses

Autofric's screw press ASP is used for dewatering sludge from industrial treatment but also in processes in, e.g., the paper and pulp industry.

The sister model, Autofric ADP, has been developed to dewater smaller liquid materials. The machine is found in the rapidly growing seaweed industry, but also in textile recycling, slaughterhouses, and other industries where dewatering provides benefits in terms of energy savings and landfill.

Because the ADP is supported at both ends by a precision machined spiral, continuous operation can be achieved without clogging with a minimum of wear.

Other dewatering presses often lack bearings at the outlet end and instead use plain bearings. This means that the spiral cannot get close to the perforation, resulting in high clogging and wear.

Screw conveyors

Autofric screw conveyors are used for efficient material handling in a variety of industries.

We offer customized solutions for heating plants, pulp and paper mills, slaughterhouses, fishing, metal, and wood industries, but also special-purpose applications such as flue gas cleaning, heating, and drying.

Our conveyors are robust, durable, and energy-efficient, with a long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements.