Screw presses for dewatering

With a strong focus on sustainability, Autofric offers a range of high-quality screw presses for efficient dewatering of sewage sludge or industrial residues.

Screw press ASP

Autofric ASP is a high-performance, energy-efficient screw press for dewatering sludge from, for example, municipal treatment plants. The press is built on a precision-made conical screw-in stainless steel that rotates through several dewatering zones inside a dividable screen basket.

The ASP model is designed for dewatering sludge or liquid material with an incoming TS content of up to about 5%. The machine's design, with a stable chassis and few moving parts, makes it easy to handle. It works quietly and energy-efficiently with low wear and minimal maintenance requirements, contributing to a good working environment and a low operating budget.

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Screw press ADP

Autofric ADP is designed for sludge and other liquids with higher incoming TS content.

The ADP model is an excellent option for industrial applications, both in production flows and in the dewatering of residues/sludge.

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Screw press AFP4

Autofric AFP4 is a energy-efficient screw press for dewatering of sludge.

The model is specially developed to efficiently dewater smaller volumes of sludge with its simple yet effective design.

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