Transport screws

Customer-specific transport screws in various dimensions and materials are manufactured in in-house developed machines. On behalf of customers, we design and produce spirals for installation in our customers' flows and machines. We manufacture spirals for new projects or as spare parts for existing plants. The design, production technology, material properties, and thickness of the spirals contribute to extreme wear resistance and durability.


We offer a wide range of materials, from mild steel to stainless steel, with abrasion-resistant properties.


Spirals are offered in diameters from 35 to 650 mm with varying pitches in the single version. We also manufacture single, double, and triple spirals, as well as spirals with different reinforcements. Upon request, we can also offer spirals in vertical design.


Shaftless transport screws

  • Provides opportunities to transport difficult materials with varying particle sizes.
  • Handles large pieces of material thanks to no center tube.
  • Minimizes the risk of clogging. It is also useful for the transportation of sticky, wiry, and irregular materials.


Transport screws with centre shaft

  • Used as a highly accurate dosing device in applications with high demands on material flow control.
  • With the screw welded to the center tube, the screw runs free from the trough, reducing wear and tear.
  • Efficient distribution of bulk materials to different locations using multiple entry and exit points in the screw conveyor.

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