Water/wastewater treatment

In water and wastewater treatment, there is a great need to separate, transport, and dewater particles and sludge. Several of Autofric's products have been developed to streamline and minimize the costs of these processes.

Efficient management of sludge

Sludge separated from wastewater in the initial stages of the treatment process contains resources in the form of energy and nutrients but also toxins that can cause damage to the environment.

At municipal wastewater treatment plants, sewage sludge is digested to produce biogas and reduce the volume of sludge. However, after digestion, large quantities of digested sludge remain, which are expensive and energy-intensive to handle.

Effective dewatering can drastically reduce the volume of sludge, resulting in significant savings in handling and transportation costs. Dewatering also facilitates the process of removing environmental toxins from the sludge.

Dewatering is often carried out mechanically and can be done in several ways. One effective method is to use a screw press to squeeze water out of the sludge. The water is returned to the treatment chain while the dewatered sludge is collected and deposited.

Autofric's type-E screw series transports and distributes the separated sludge, both horizontally and vertically, to containers or sludge storage.

In smaller plants without an anaerobic digester, the Autofric ASP can also be used to receive unthickened sludge and dewater directly in one machine. This reduces the need for thickeners and additional polymer dosing. However, thickened sludge increases the capacity of the screw

Reduced costs

The Autofric ASP effectively dewaters the separated sludge, which helps keep transportation and landfill costs to a minimum.

Energy efficiency is high. Compared to centrifuges, significantly less energy is required to dewater the same amount of sludge, which is a strong reason why the use of screw presses for sludge dewatering is increasing rapidly in the market.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance and high reliability are keywords in our business.

Our products have, therefore, been developed to keep ongoing maintenance to an absolute minimum. Maintenance that is still required is facilitated by smart design solutions that simplify and streamline.