Screw conveyors

Autofric offers customized screw conveyors for use in industry, agriculture, food manufacturing, and biofuel handling. Robust, durable, and energy-efficient conveyors with long life and minimal maintenance requirements. Excellent alternatives to other conveyor types, such as belt conveyors, pneumatic conveyors, and chain conveyors.

The standard version of the machines is made of stainless steel with pickled welds. Electro poliishing can also be offered.

The stainless steel design eliminates corrosion and reduces maintenance requirements. Screw conveyors can be made of different materials to make them corrosion, abrasion, and heat-resistant. The materials are selected based on the material to be conveyed.

Spiral conveyors are available in a U-shape or as a closed tube, with 100-800 mm diameters.

Our proprietary Type-E shaftless screw conveyor further increases efficiency. The unique design of the spiral, with bent-edge troughs enclosing the spiral, reduces material rotation and increases forward feed. The e-model works great for both horizontal and vertical transportation of goods.

Pipe troughs are most common in fed screws but are also used in conveying screws for easy-to-handle materials where accessibility requirements are lower. One or more inspection hatches can be placed along the pipe.

For outdoor installations, the conveyor can be delivered with frost protection, combined with additional insulation if needed.

Depending on the material being conveyed, either shaftless or shaftless spirals (screw with center tube) are used in the conveyors.


  • Reliable and durable design for vertical, inclined, and horizontal transportation
  • High performance
  • Minimal service and maintenance needs
  • Easy to use
  • Robust and reliable
  • Naturally encapsulated and dust-tight, preventing dust, odors, and spills
  • Compact and easy to adapt to tight spaces
  • Low energy consumption
  • Silent operation

What are screw and spiral conveyors used for?

  • Load and lift: Efficiently distributes bulk materials to different locations using multiple entry and exit points.
  • Feeder: Can be set up as a screw feeder to control the flow of material in treatment that is dependent on correct dosing, e.g., automated feeding plant.
  • Mixing products: A screw conveyor can be used as a mixer or agitator to mix dry or liquid ingredients.
  • Heating/cooling: For different materials.
  • Drying: Of different materials.

Areas of application

  • Paper and pulp mills: Twigs, pulp, fiber sludge, chips, bark, sand
  • Burning of biomaterials: pellets, wood chips, sawdust, peat, bark, wood flour, coal, coal powder, fly and bottom ash
  • Metal industry: Metal shavings, plastic and metal granules, cast iron
  • Waste: Slaughterhouse waste, garbage, ash, machine chips, sludge, sand
  • Chemical industry: Plastic granules, chemicals, powders, gypsum, cement
  • Food: Powder, sugar, cereals, salt, flour, semolina, and residues
  • Agriculture: Automated feeding systems, fertilizers, and agrochemicals

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