Water cutting

Water cutting
means to force a concentrated jet of water through different materials at high pressure. The high speed of the water provides a force that enables precision cutting in most metals, but also in rubber, wood, stone and ceramic materials. With our water cutting machine, Kimtech, we can offer cost-effective cutting of parts with very strict tolerance requirements.

Abrasive water cutting
is a cold process, where the material is machined without thermal effects. By adding abrasives such as sand, the cutting effect is multiplied and means the technology is suitable for cutting even harder materials. Water cutting produces a soft and smooth cutting surface, where the requirements for finishing are reduced.

The technology and the performance of our machines give us many advantages.

  • High precision

The result is precise because the machine is equipped with a 5-axis cutting head. Bevelling and conical holes are bevelled directly in the plate. Angles of up to 45° are possible.

  • Efficiency  

Efficient flows with short set-up times from drawing to finished details. Configuration directly in the machine makes the work fast and efficient.

  • Good production costs

Thin cuts with high precision provide a high degree of utilization of the material. 


Our water-jet cutting line has the capacity to handle large series in most materials. Short set-up times, however, make water cutting well suited for prototype production and smaller series.

We process sheet metal in sizes up to 4000 x 2000 mm and thicknesses from 1-100 mm. However, we can also handle larger dimensions when necessary. Water cutting complements our laser cutting resources in an excellent way.

Water cutting is a resource-efficient method that does not require chemicals. The process uses only water and sand and thus meets our sustainability goals.

Technical data


Max. sheet metal format:

4000 x 2000 mm

Examples of materials that can be cut: 

Ceramic material

Max thickness


100 mm

File format, import of drawing details for our water cutter.

dxf, dwg, sat, stp, step, eps etc.