Autofric Storfors ASP

The test runs are completed - New screw press for Storfors Municipality

Storfors Wastewater Treatment Plant, located just south of the city center, receives and purifies wastewater from the urban area of Storfors. In an early stage of the purification process, particles and sludge are separated and drained before the water proceeds to further treatment.

At the end of January, the final test runs were conducted on a brand-new dewatering facility manufactured by Autofric and provided through the dewatering specialist Kicab.

– After tests and evaluation of various technological alternatives, we noticed that the screw press provided advantages, says Jukka Mäenpää, Technical Manager at Storfors Municipality. We obtain significantly drier sludge, which facilitates transportation. The process is also energy-efficient, which is good both for the economy and the environment. To be completely sure of choosing the right option, we have also compared various screw presses on the market in terms of technical performance, price and delivery time. Autofric's solution stood up well in this competition.

The test runs, which began almost a year ago, are now getting close to completion, and the municipality is satisfied with the results.

– We have acquired a machine that we have great confidence in which we expect will be with us for a long time, continues Jukka Mäenpää. We also experience good cooperation with both Autofric and Kicab, who have supported and assisted us throughout the test period.

Autofric's Jesper Christopherson is also pleased with the outcome.

– The facility purchased by Storfors Municipality is already used in several places in Sweden but also in other parts of the world. We receive nothing but positive feedback. The machine delivers on its promises in terms of both performance and handling. A lot of effort has also been put into developing a design that makes the machine easy to service and maintain. Good feedback from customers confirms our success.


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